miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

SoNg DeScRiPtIoNs !!

Song descriptions :

Paranoid: Paranoid is our first single that we co-wrote with Cathy Dennis, and our producer John Fields. It really incorporates the meaning behind the album title with the lyrics, between the lines people feed you, the vines that get in your way and trying times we all go through.

World War III: World War III deals with the challenge of a girl who keeps attacking you, provoking you, and trying to fight you all the while she’s the only one fighting.

Fly With Me: We wrote this song for “Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian.” It’s a love song about the bond between Ben Stiller’s character, who plays the night watchman and Amy Adams character, Amelia Earhart. Everyone thinks they should be together, but they obviously can’t.

Poison Ivy: Poison Ivy is a metaphor for a girl you know it right for you and you shouldn’t be with, but somehow you just can’t stay away.

Hey Baby: We wrote this song for the last record while we were on the road and felt the old school sound was more cohesive with our present style.

Before The Storm: This is about the emotions you go through before a break-up.

What Did I Do To Your Heart: We wrote this song last summer while on tour in Europe with Avril Lavigne. Still learning and coming into our own, we saw that we would try to solve issues about girls, life, coming of age without even knowing what the challenges would be.

Much Better: Our fans mean the world to us and “Much Better” is giving back to them. After two years of their loyalty and dedication we felt there was no more personal way to give back than to share our influences, from the Bee Gees to Neil Diamond.

Black Keys: The inspiration for this song came by way of sitting one day at a piano and writing my first song through the use of only black keys. It was then that I realized the simplicity of black and white versus the noise that is brought on by color.

Don´t Charge Me For The Crime: This is a story about getting roped into situations beyond your control. In this case, a friend calls you needing a ride and unbeknownst to you he’s just robbed a bank. Being the good friend you are, you pick him up and involved yourself beyond your control. This all leads up to you wanting to do the right thing – bit even more so wanting to help those around you to do the right thing as well.

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